Friday, March 24, 2006

Miss Moneycrappy the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has invited regular joes...and cover the St. Louis nightlife scene. A buddy of mine and I submitted our names to write for the paper...letting them know if they picked someone lame we'd call them out on it.

Well, the chick covering "nightlife" IS lame...lame as hell...and when I posted a response on the blog they edited it. Go ahead and remove it...but don't edit someone's blog post.

What a disgrace. If Miss Moneycrappy can't stand up to critisizm then get off the pot cuse' your shit stinks!!!!!!!!



Urban Elitist said...

I just saw that on PD's nightlife site man. That's f-ing pathetic. The PD has NO journalistic integrity what-so-ever.

Urban Elitist said...

Now they've edited my comments supporting you to try to make look foolish. I've started a thread in the PD forums to call them on it, they can't silence us there. You should post there when you read this.