Friday, September 08, 2006

Man Baiting

Everyone seems to be amazed, hurt, disillusioned with the discovery that Lonelygirl15 seems to be a marketing ploy from a Hollywood Studio.

I'm amazed in this day and age when everything you see is followed up with the statement, "well, if it's real", that people didn't sniff this out earlier.

Let's see...Alarmingly regular posts...seemlingly no change in setting...and the most obvious, the seduction factor. Shut-in media junkies who longingly look for a little cyber affection find a young, beautiful girl who is also lonely, left with her videocamera and computer as her only means of contact with the outside world...then after a few sorrid testimonials tease them with the whole "teacher" thing...I think somewhere a geek just ruined his keyboard.

I have to think that the male human is the easiest creature to lure into looking stupid on the planet. I mean, sex is sex. I can't fault my fellow males for following it to the point of embarrassment...we've all been there. Hell, I followed it to college.

But this isn't even sex...this is the possibility of someone out there...a beautiful female someone...understanding the MySpace junkies and driving them into a frenzy with a few cryptic videos and one sexual reference.

Sure, some will say it was more than the sexual overtones...the Satanic symbols, the odd numbers games...But really, it was all about access to forbidden & subdued sexual energy. Plenty of suckers plugged in.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Man Goods

Caught this over on Springwise.

I've yet to to grasp the entire movement to provide men with the same in-depth, over-involved hair care products that women enjoy.

I have a problem paying more for the crap I put in my hair than the hair cut itself. I'm a pomade guy...and I've gone lux with Crew and a few other brands...but there just isn't that much difference between those and the six-dollar varity you can grab and Target.

I guess it's just another trend lost on this Midwesterner.