Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Total PSFK rip-off

Piers and the folks over at PSFK let some "copy n' pasters" have it for simply ripping material off their wonderfully informative site. While this isn't a total rip off, I was really inspired by three different articles I found there today...so, I'm ripping them off!!!

First, the Aquabumps site....how cool. Something about surfers puts me in total awe...and I hate it. I don't hate them...I just hate how envious I am of their talent, of their lifestyle, of their attitudes...of their world!!! To me, surfers are like jet pilots...full of attitude, a self-confidence that boarders...or is...arrogance, and the look in their eye that they've experienced something in this world that we can only dream about. I hate them for that...and I want to be them for that.

The site (www.aquabumps.com) is kickass and more inspiration & inspiration than fluff. Plus, it's snowing on the second day of Spring, so the images will warm you from your desktop.

Second, Deus ex Machina. I've never been a bike guy...but if I was, this is the kind of bike guy I'd be. As the PSFK.com article says...it's not the black leather-Sturgis-badass-you don't understand-bull shit you get from most cycle makers. This is a passion for motorcycles from a different era. There is something far more pure and exciting about these types of bikes. The love and technique that goes into making them, riding them and celebrating them makes me want to throw down some plastic, pick one up and head to the French countryside.

Here's the site...www.deusexmachina.com.au...check it, don't wreck it.

Third, something for the display & event builders in my life...light from concrete. Pretty effn' cool....www.chromastone.com

I'm getting sick and working too hard again so I'm not sure when i'll get back...but enjoy.


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