Thursday, June 08, 2006


Ahh...the World Cup.

While I'm slightly bitter because my long-developed plans to attend "the world's event" this summer was derailed buy the need for a mortage and my own plunge into engagement...I'm ready to burst with excitement.

First, can you just imagine the party that's going on in Germany right now? Hell, the beer and food alone in Germany is reason enough to visit...add world class soccer, international babes, and the occiasional drunken-futbol-brawl, and, well ...damn I wish I was there. here are my pics to win...and while none of these teams winning would be a "shock", i think everyone will be a little shocked if Brazil doesn't walk away with yet another World Cup trophy.

1. England: Lets face it...they're due. The founders of the game haven't celebrated a Cup win since the '60s. In that win, England beat the Germans at home on two good goals...and one goal that wasn't a goal at all. But I digress.

Wayne Rooney is healthy...maybe not at 100%...and not game fit just yet...but he's healthy enough to give just about every backline fits. Mr. Gerrard is listed at 50/50 to play on Saturday...but if I were a betting man (and I am, because I bet on England) I'd put my money on him playing.

St. George's warriors have excellent defense with Cole on the amazing midfield, and with a healthy Rooney...the most dynamic player in this tournament.

2. Holland: I love the orange unis. I love Ruud. And I love that they're playing in mainland Europe where they're probably draw the most fans from any nation. I feel they'll stave off another choke job and push through to at least the Final Four...and from there, ANYTHING can happen.

3. Czech Republic: I know nothing about this team other than their keeper, a one Petr Czech is around 9 feet tall with the wingspan of a Goddamn condor. They got trouble written all over them...which is bad news for the Americans, the Italians, the, er Ganhans, and anyone who dosen't like cigarette smoke when watching games with their fans.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Booze Hound

Sorry folks...I've been on the road for work and pleasure for what seems to be weeks on end. First was a quick one-nighter to NYC for a meeting a FCB (great offices by the way).

Then, it was down to Charlotte for some racing and a photo shoot, and then a long-ass flight out to Vegas for an event there.

All in all, I saw a lot of good, bad, and ugly.

But most of all, I saw a lot of booze. I mean, what's a business trip without a few benders mixed in? This brings me to one of the topics today...why do travelers feel compelled to drink at airport bars regardless of the time of day?

Back in February, I was on my way down to Daytona for that big autorace, and we had an hour layover in around 8AM. So, of course, me and my buddy proceed to the bar...which is PACKED. We order up a few Buds only to have a recently returning soldier purchase the bar a round of Jack. Ouch.

I'm usually a latte guy in the morning...but for whatever reason, I find it perfectly acceptable to drink first thing in the morning when i'm traveling. When I drive past some of the Bosnian bars in my neighborhood going to work in the mornings I pity the poor souls in there at that hour...yet, when I see a suit cuddled up to Scotch at dawn in an airport I pull up a stool and ask if he needs another one.

Just weird...not sure where this code of conduct comes from...or why it's so widely accepted. Any thoughts welcome...just don't make me put down my Bud heavy.