Friday, October 01, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next: The Social Media Restaurant

Next: The Social Media Restaurant Neat idea. Assuming the food is good. Check that. Assuming the food is outstanding.

The Great Creative Suck

folks in the industry face all sorts of challenges when it comes to keeping their creative juices flowing. Myopic clients...meddling managers...and people in general who feel the need to finger f*ck a project to death.

But nothing is as daunting, and challenging as....children.

My son Paul just turned a year old...and man, is he awesome. Like any parent, I think my kid is the shiz, and I'm happiest when we're kicking it together, bouncing footballs off the dogs heads, making weird noises and generally having a great time.

But with the good, comes the sleepless nights, mad rushes to get to day-care before they start the meter and making organic mac-n-cheese while my off-spring stickes odd objects in his mouth. This the daily sausage grind that is advertising can suck you dry.

My reading time...both in the trades, blogs and for pleasure...has vanished. Thursday and Friday night ventures to galleries, readings and theaters have been replaced by a bottle of $10-vino and sleep. And as a ability to think conceptually has been replaced by a plodding, linear approach to, well, just about everything.

Any tips out there? Any industry vets that can throw this old dog a bone. There's only so much caffeine a man can take...