Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stand by your Brand

Ok...Another ad rant.

Here's the deal. I hear high-level "creatives" from big shops saying that the way to bring advertising back is to elevate the creative.

I can't really argue that truly creative, inspiring and moving ads are few and far between. And while not every ad is designed to "move" someone, I think everyone could raise their game a bit.

But, I have one problem. The people paying the tab for the advertising aren't willing to stand by a message...and if they are, they're only willing to stand by that message for six months, or until a competitor comes along with something new...of course, meaning, they need something new.

Today's brands have itchy trigger fingers. If you look at a case study of the best, most effective advertising in the last five years you'll find one thing in common...they're actual advertising campaigns. The message, the look, the attitude may evolve, but it's all from the same seed.

I know why brands do what they do. In this segmented world, they're trying to be something to everyone...which we all know doesn't work. But in trying to reach out to everyone with different messages, they're dissecting their brand into nothing.

I'll have more on this tomorrow...


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