Monday, January 30, 2006

The Future of the Other Mobile Marketing

My friend Benji in LA turned me on to this on Saturday...he's the kind of geek that gets excited about this sort of thing.

Around here, if you say ‘mobile marketing’ you probably talking about pimping out an 18-wheeler to race hell-bent across the country engaging, interacting and playing with consumers. And I’ll tell you what, we can do some amazing stuff with a few trailers and a generator.

But in today’s marketing world, “mobile marketing” is usually referenced when talking about cell phones, PDAs and the other mobile devices we now strap down to keep our employers and clients happy.

Advertisers are jumping at this new channel, providing exclusive content, ring tones, screen savers, and just about anything they can do to talk to the same people that are TiVoing those same messages on TV.

While all that stuff is fine and dandy, the true winners of the “mobile marketing” battle are going to the brands that figure out how enable their consumers to do things with their brand using their cell phones, Blackberry’s, etc. rather than simply using it as an extension of their media buy.

Southwest Airlines gives us a perfect example of making “mobile marketing” relevant to the consumer.


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