Monday, January 16, 2006

Print vs. Blog: Are both Sides Right?

This is a great back & forth between Jeff Jarvis of and John Griffin, president of National Geographic's magazine group.

Obviously, both have a fairly large stake in what they're arguing for or against. And while these arguments have been happening on a regular basis since the Internet was born, I found this one very interesting because IMHO, there isn't a finer written magazine in the world than National geographic.

Sure, there are a lot of new, fun, hip magazines out there. But as a graduate of the nations finest school of journalism (I'll let you figure that out) I truly appreciate the ability of NatGeo's reporters to own an article.

I'm all about blogging...I send dozens of emails a day sharing interesting blogs with friends, co-workers and clients...and of course I have this little thing going on. But, there is still something about a well-written, well-edited, well-printed article.

Here are my take-aways from the article:

Trust: I enjoy reading blogs...I don't trust them. I usually don't wade into waters of the superficial in the blogsphere, but even in the blogs I read on a daily basis, the best content is usually published by someone else first (company, person, etc.). Trust still comes from credited news sources and from writers and editors that know what they're doing.

Waste: Let's face it...for every crappy publication there are a million crappy blogs.

Advertising: I think it's funny that the Internet and bloggers are looking for the same advertising dollars (and hence, messages) that lured people from mass media in the first place.

Interaction: I agree that the future of print will include some sort of e-interface...something that gives the reader some control...or at least feedback. But I think some people underestimate the relaxation that comes from just reading a book or magazine. I spend my entire day giving feedback, responding, talking, thinking....and because I now live and work in a city without mass transit, I desperately miss the time I had to myself, reading on the bus or train. It was the most relaxing time of my day.


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