Monday, January 12, 2009

Detriot Don't Git It...

There's an article on Ad Age's web site discussing the lack of "takers" for a 50MM campaign to save the US Auto Industry. The folks at this "forward thinking" ad agency, made up of a bunch of (you guessed it) guys who used to work on auto biz, feel the problem isnt the quality of the product Detriot is's the perception of the auto industry itself. They say the campaign will show Americans how important the auto industry is...

I can't say I disagree with the perception of Detriot...massive 'bonus' structures for executives regardless of profitability, embarrassing innovation, outdated sales structures, and a less than motivated work force supported by less than competitive union puppets.

The bigger issue, that advertising cannot solve, is that the American people aren't interested in saving this Detriot. The American people don't want the American auto industry, as it is, to be saved.

Before you start trying to change perceptions of the auto industry, the entire system, from executives thru mfg and sales need a shake up. Someone with vision needs to take a good look at the future of the industry...honestly assess what the market will bear, both here an abroad, and move forward. Everyone involved with Big Auto needs to reshape that industry with an eye to the future and avoid dragging the past with them.

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