Monday, January 19, 2009


No sour those cats in Miami and Boulder do some clever work (my agency isn't even an ad agency). But any organization that employes a hack like Bob Garfield has no biz handing out awards. Like the conversations regarding the MLB Hall of Fame...why does the press decide who wins? Shouldn't it be the clients and their peers? And shouldn't results matter? I mean, clever work and great strategy only matter if it moves the needle. Maybe it is...I haven't eaten at a BK in 5 years...but I see a lot of them around so I'm sure they must be doing something right.

Anyway...i just find odd humor in self-serving industry awards. Although I'm sure I'd have a different POV if I was holding my Lion on the beaches of Cannes with bubbly near by and a bevey of local beauties keeping me company (sorry wife).

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr!

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