Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sicko in St. Lou

While there was no direct connect between the above "protest" and the new Michael Moore documentary targeting the American healthcare system, the timing seems all too coincidental.

A team of folks...mix of young, old, black, white, rolled up "Truth"-style in front of our building today in downtown St. Louis and created these "crime scenes." The document in the middle noted that the company that owns & manages the building (our shop just leases the space) does not provide proper health insurance for the custodial staff, and that upwards of 200,000 workers in the St. Louis area are employed without medical benefits...of which, 2% will die due to lack of proper medical treatment.

As a marketing agency, we were all a bit jaded by the oft-discussed "Truth" tactics...but for what was obviously a small guerrilla effort, I found it impactful...especailly given the fact that a few suits from the large BlueCross/BlueSheild next door were anxiously taking notice.

Insurance, something no one thinks about until they don't have any or enough...what's your take on the American healthcare situation given the graying of our nation?


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