Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nice Try CMJ..

...but I was all over North Atlantic...AND Tapes n' Tapes.

Getting my CMJ New Music Monthy is like someone telling me Chirstmas is coming, and will happen between December 1st and December 31st...but if it doesn't, it will at least happen next month.

I disregard the sporatic delivery for the amazing content, the comp CD and my ability to respond to my music-snob pals on the coasts with, "yeah, I've heard about them."

Anyway, NMM is my ambilical cord to the music scene. The Lou is often skipped over by many of the up-and-coming bands, although a glut of good shows just popped up with the arrival of the fall semester at SLU & Wash U (Built to Spill, Futureheads, Wolfmother, Death Cab, Toyko Police Club).

This month however, I was ahead of the curve. In the magazine's "On the Verge" section they highlight the band "The North Atlantic," a trio out of San Diego that recently had its album Wires In The Walls given a proper release. Check them out at

It just so happens that I was up late two weeks ago, doing some work at home and listening to a local indie/college Internet radio station and caught some North Atlantic licks. The next day at lunch I found the album on the Web, and BANG!...I'm in the loop!

It really is the little things.


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