Thursday, August 24, 2006

BS for Guys

Even though I don't live in Gothem, I do make my way there every now and again, so I try to stay up to speed on what's cool, what's not...cause God forbid I find a restaurant I like in Midtown.

Anway, Urbandaddy is my new hook for what's hot. And not only is it what's's what's hot for guys. It's like Thrillist without the fart jokes.

Check it out at


This post has been written has part of the Carnival of Modern Man.


jeffsq said...

These publications sorta have a cosmopolitan guide feel to them - do you think that the uber-hip/psuedo- metrosexual males that rely on simailar newsletters still fit the traditional criteria of being masculine?

Raybacon said...

No, I feel they feed the masculine need to be "in the know."

i find the women aren't as concerned about knowing "what's hot"...if they're somewhere having fun, it's hot.

I think guys, even if they have a regular spot, or spots they wine & dine at, strive to know EVERYTHING that's going on around them.

Maybe it's like a wolf knowing where every sheep farm is...maybe it's just a comfort thing...